What is Web Development?

Web Development

You have gone through many blogs and read about the web development, But in this blog I want to tell you about the web development in my own words to make you understand better. So Let’s Begins-

Web Development basically deals with learning about the web technologies and its best practices / tactics to develop a web application or say websites using the available web technologies or frameworks. Further there are also testing and debugging are related to it.

How to get into Web Development?

There are lots of popular courses free and paid available on the internet but don’t go for each course instead go for the valuable and top liked courses. I want to recommend some of the courses to get started in Web Development.

But Before Getting into Web Development, I want to appeal you to have basics of Design of UI/UX, It is not mandatory but it will be very helpful for you. As you will get better insight about the design of website or Web Application you are going to design. Which will help you a lot to develop that design with your codes.

After Clearing UI/UX design basics go for the Web Development and Learn these languages:

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS/CSS3

After having a good Grasp on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Yes most on Javascript. Further Go ahead to learn any other frameworks to develop Front-End and Back-End Frameworks Like React, Angular etc.

Which Course you should Choose:

  1. Web Development BootCamp 2020 (Udemy)
  2. Modern HTML and CSS (Udemy)
  3. Advanced HTML and CSS (Udemy)
  4. Modern JavaScript from Beginning by Brad Traversy (Udemy)

As these courses are well enough to give you master you on the basiscs of Web Development Skills.

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